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In use of the advanced 3-D technology and planar and video technology, Standard provides customers with simulation, pre-exhibition or rehabilitating exhibition of the design concepts, items or space by means of structural drawings, visualization, animation, multimedia and other styles. From a simple planning of blocks or a design of a building and its decoration to the complex items including public constructions, palaces, stadiums, mountains, tunnels, the municipal buildings, residence districts, house decorations, Standard can display them in facsimile?. In the process, model technicians make the models accurately not only by CAD drawings but also by other tools including hand paintings, the reference photo and the relevant details. After that, the work will be completed by render technicians and landscape technicians. Furthermore, Standard can provide professional suggestion or advice to (the) customers as well. 

      In every aspect of Standard’s business, only the best is acceptable?. Delivering quality products and service is the responsibility of every employee. Standard is looking forward to have (the) sincere cooperation with you!
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